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Our Store display's the largest collection of nun-dolls in the world. These dolls are unique because each was dressed by the particular order of nun it represents. Unfortunately, many of these convents and religious orders no longer exist. However, these dolls recall the days when the religious orders where vibrant and thriving. This story of this collection has been told in local and national newspapers over the years. Briefly the story is as follows

This remarkable display of dolls was originally assembled in the 1950's. Laura used to lecture about the various religious orders, and she encourage young ladies to join the various religious orders in United States and in other countries by exhibiting dolls given her by various orders.

There are over 90 different dolls in the collection, each dressed in its own distinctive habit by that particular order of nuns. The authentic robe on each doll makes this collection the most unique nun-doll collection in the world. The owners of the Madonna shops traced down the collection when they were informed of its existence through casual conversation with some priest and nun friends. The dolls were finally located stored in the kitchen area of a monastery. Those who opened the boxes were amazed at the authentic detail of the garments and the extensiveness of the collection. Unfortunately, some of the dolls were partially damaged by insects and rodents when they were stored and then forgotten. .

To let others enjoyed the collection it was decided to immediately put the dolls on display. For 13 years the collection was exhibited in the archdiocese of Los Angeles. The collection has now been moved to the archdiocese of San Bernardino. The Madonna Catholic Shops hope you enjoy and appreciate this heavenly body of little nuns.

Note: Nun Dolls not for sale.

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